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Empowerment Training

Space for unlearning internalized racism for lecturers

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  • 570 Euro
  • Online-Kurs


We BIPoC are ascribed physical, social and cultural characteristics because of our appearance, our origin or our religion. The term BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) does not describe skin color, but rather discrimination based on racist structures. The aim of the empowerment space is to create a safe space for exchange over a longer period of time. As BIPoC lecturers we are mostly in a context dominated by people from the white majority society, which does not offer us enough space and understanding to adequately bring in our life experiences and perspectives. BIPoCs and people who have experienced racism have additional resources such as greater resilience as well as perspectives that can go beyond and critique the norm. The point is to bring these often unseen resources to the forefront and realize their potential in both human and professional terms. In the safe confines of the Empowerment Space, we unearth this special treasure. Why is the Empowerment Space also called "Unlearning Racism"? Discrimination and its consequences are not a personal but always a social collective problem. We people with experience of racism also need to actively unlearn racism. This is reflected in internalized racist thoughts and structures. The empowerment space is aware of this and enables participants to better understand and categorize the collective structures behind their personal experiences. This is the most important foundation for empowerment. Together, we explore how we can strengthen our resilience, inspire each other, and develop practical and sustainable strategies - for our everyday lives as well as for the content and structure of our colleges and universities. Entering the empowerment space and committing to it takes courage. I wish us all this courage.


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